Konica Minolta Bizhub 552 652 TN618 Toner Cartridge

Konica Minolta Bizhub 552 652 TN618 Toner Cartridge

Toner cartridge: Konica Minolta TN618

Color: Black

Toner Weight: 900G

For Use In:  Bizhub 552/652

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Product Description

1.Detailed Product Description Is As Follows:

Name Konica Minolta TN618 Toner Cartridge
Feature Compatible New
Origin Made In China
Print Pages 37500
Used For Konica Minolta Bizhub 552/652


2.Detailed Trade Terms is as Follows:

Sample Yes,Customer pay for samples and courier charge
Delivery Time 3 days for sample order,7-10 working day for sea order
Payment Terms Bank TT,West Union,Paypal
Shipping Way Sample order By Courier,Big Order by Sea.
Minimum Quantity No Minimum for Sample Order, 1 CBM for Sea Order


3.Detailed Konica Minolta Toner Cartridge List for More Popular Models.

Model Color For Use In Page Yield
TN116/TN117 BK Bizhub 164/184/7718 12K
TN118/TN119 BK Bizhub 195/215/235 12K
TN311 BK Bizhub 300 11K
TN211 BK Bizhub 200/250 11K
TN114 BK Bizhub 162/210/7516 12k
TN115 BK Bizhub 163/211/20 12k
TN217 BK Bizhub 223/283 12k
TN414 BK Bizhub 363/423 12k
TN511 BK Bizhub 360/420/500/361 32K
TN710 BK Bizhub 600/601/750/751 55K
TN322 BK Bizhub 224e/284e/364e 24K
TN415 BK Bizhub 36/42 25K
TN513 BK Bizhub 454e/554e 24.4K
TN712 BK Bizhub 654/654e/754e 40.8k
TN910 BK Bizhub 920 66k
TN911 BK Bizhub 950 88k
TN010 BK Bizhub 1050 88k
TN011 BK Bizhub 1051/1200 88k
TN618 BK Bizhub 552/652 37.5k
TN318 BK/C/M/Y Bizhub C20 6k/6K
TNP27 BK/C/M/Y Bizhub c25 6k/6K
TNP22 BK/C/M/Y Bizhub C35 6k/6K
TN7400 BK/C/M/Y Magicolor 7440/7450 20K/12K
TN4600 BK/C/M/Y Magicolor 4650/4690 4K/4K
TN5500 BK/C/M/Y Magicolor 5550 6K/6K
TN4700 BK/C/M/Y Magicolor 4750 6K/6K
TN210 BK/C/M/Y Bizhub C250/C252 20K/12K
TN213 BK/C/M/Y Bizhub C203/C253 25K/20K
TN214 BK/C/M/Y Bizhub C200/C200e/C210 25K/20K
TN314 BK/C/M/Y Bizhub C353 25K/20K
TN 310 BK/C/M/Y Bizhub C350/450 11K/11K
TN312 BK/C/M/Y Bizhub C300/C352 20K/12K
TN216 BK/C/M/Y Bizhub C220/C280 29K/26K
TN319 BK/C/M/Y Bizhub C360 29K/26K
TN510 BK/C/M/Y Bizhub C500 30K/24K
TN610 BK/C/M/Y Bizhub C6500 35K/24K
TN612 BK/C/M/Y Bizhub C6501 C5501 27.5K/25K
TN615 BK/C/M/Y Bizhub C8000 91K/60K
TN616 BK/C/M/Y Bizhub C7000/C6000 37K/27.9K
TN411/TN611 BK/C/M/Y Bizhub C451/C550/C650 45K/27K
TN413/TN613 BK/C/M/Y Bizhub C452/C552/C652 60K/30K
TN321 BK/C/M/Y Bizhub C224/C284/C364 27K/25K
TN512 BK/C/M/Y Bizhub C454/C554 27K/25K
TN711 BK/C/M/Y Bizhub C654/C754 45K/27K
TN324 BK/C/M/Y Bizhub C368 C308 C258 29K/26K
TN220 BK/C/M/Y Bizhub C221 C221S C281 29K/26K
TN221 BK/C/M/Y Bizhub C227 C287 25K/23K
TN514 BK/C/M/Y Bizhub C458 C558 C658 26K/25K


4.Detailed Information About Our Company:

We are factory for compatible toner cartridge and spare parts.Our Products has good quality and Competetive Price

Our Products Include: Copier Toner Cartridge,Toner Powder, Fuser Film, Fuser rollers, OPC Drum, Developer Etc.

Our Factory produce compatible products for following Brands: Canon, Konica Minolta, Ricoh, Xerox, Toshiba, Sharp Etcricoh toner cartridge

Super Green International Group Limited
NO.56 Yanjiang Road, Xiaguan District,Nanjing, Jiangsu .China
Marina Wang
0086 25 8486 2595

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