Compatible Ricoh Toner Cartridge

Feature: Compatible New

Used for: All models of Ricoh Aficio Copiers.

Price: Please contact us for detailed price

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Product Description

1.Detailed Product Description:

1)Feature: Compatible New, Finished Toner Cartridge With Powder

2)Price:We are Chinese Factory,We give you wholesale factory price.

3)Quality:The empty cartridge is 100% new, the powder is from Japan, Korea or USA.

4)Models:We produce hundreds of xerox models, not only the one on our website. Please email us.


2.Detailed Trade Terms:

1)Samples: Samples not free and customers pay for courier charge

2)Minimun Quantity: No Minimum Quantity for Air Order, 1 CBM for sea order

3)Delivery Time: 3 days for air order and 7 days for sea order.

4):Payment: Paypal, West Union, Bank transfer


3:Please check the following Ricoh Toner Cartridge List.

Model Color Used For Page Yield
AF1220D BK Aficio 1012/1015/1018/1113/1115 10K
AF1230D/1130D/1610D BK Aficio 2015/2018/2016/2020/1500/MP1600/1610/1810/2000 10K
AF1250D/1150D BK Aficio 1013 7K
AF1270D/1170D BK Aficio 1515 7K
AF2220D/2320D BK Aficio 1022/2022/2027/2032/2550/3350/3025/3030 11k
AF3205D/3105D BK Aficio 1035/1045 23k
AF3210D/3110D BK Aficio 2035/2045/3035/3045 23k
AF6210D/6110D BK  Aficio 1060,1075,2060,2075,MP5500,MP6500,MP7500, MP7502,MP6000,MP7000,MP8000,MP6001,MP7001,MP8001 45k
AF8105D/8205D BK Aficio 1085/1105/2090/2105
MP1350/8135D BK MP1100/1350/9000 PRO1106/1107/1356/1357/906/907 55k
MPC2550C/2550LC BK/C/M/Y Aficio MPC2030/2050/2530/2550 10K/7K
MPC3000C/MPC3300C BK/C/M/Y Aficio C2500/C3000/C2800/3300 20K/15K
MPC4500C/MPC5000C BK/C/M/Y Aficio MPC3500/C4500/C4000/C5000 23K/17K
MPC2551 BK/C/M/Y Aficio MPC2051/2551 10K/7K
MPC3501C/MPC5501C BK/C/M/Y Aficio MPC3001/C3501/C4501/C5501 22.5K/15K
MPC3502C BK/C/M/Y Aficio MPC3002/C3502 28K/18K
MPC5502C BK/C/M/Y Aficio MPC4502/C5502 31K/22.5K
MPC2503 BK/C/M/Y Aficio MPC2003SP C2003ZSP C2503SP C2503ZSP C1803 C2011SP 15K/9.5K
MPC3503 BK/C/M/Y Aficio MPC3003 C3503 29.2K/18K
MPC6003 BK/C/M/Y Aficio MPC4503 C5503 C6003 33K/22.5K
MPC2504 BK/C/M/Y Aficio MPC2504 15K/9.5K
MPC3504 BK/C/M/Y Aficio MPC3504 C3004 29.5K/18K
MPC6004 BK/C/M/Y Aficio MPC4504 c5504 c6004 33K/22.5K
MPC8002 BK/C/M/Y Aficio MPC8002 6502 33K/22.5K


4.Detailed Information About Our Company:

We produce thousands models of Toner cartridge, they are for Canon, Konica, Ricoh, Xerox,Sharp, Toshiba Etc, Both black and color toner cartridge, please contact me for more details

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Marina Wang
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