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Product Description

All models of High quality compatible Ricoh toner cartridges are available in our company, both black ricoh toner cartridge and color ricoh toner cartridge.
We can refill the empty ricoh toner cartridge as you request, imported, original and chinese bulk toner powder are all ok.
Please contact us if you need compatible ricoh toner cartridge.
Please check following compatible Ricoh toner cartridge list:
Cartridge Model For Use In Toner Load
AF1220D Aficio 1012/1015/1018/1113/1115 260g
AF1230D/1130D/1610D Aficio 2015/2018/2016/2020/1500/MP1600/1610/1810/2000 260g
AF1250D/1150D Aficio 1013 230g
AF1270D/1170D Aficio 1515 230g
MP1610 MP1600/1610/1810/1812/1911/2000/2011/2012 185
AF2220D/2320D Aficio 1022/2022/2027/2032/2550/3350/3025/3030 360g
AF3205D/3105D Aficio 1035/1045 550g
AF3210D/3110D Aficio 2035/2045/3035/3045 550g
AF5105D/5205D/5305D Aficio 511/700/1055 1220g
AF6210D/6110D Aficio 1060/1075/2060/2075/MP5500                                                                                                       Aficio MP6500/MP7500/MP7502/ MP6000                                                                                                      Aficio MP7000/ MP8000/MP6001                                                         Aficio MP7001/ MP8001/ MP9001/MP9002 1100g
AF8105D/8205D Aficio 1085/1105/2090/2105 1430g
MP1350/8135D MP1100/1350/9000 PRO1106/1107/1356/1357/906/907 1650g
MP2501C MP2001L/MP2001SP/MP2501L/MP250 170g
MP2500C Aficio MP2500 260g
MP301C MP301SP 200g
MP3352C MP2352/2553/2554/2852/3053/3054/3352/3353 360g
MP4500C Aficio MP3500/4000/4500/4001/4002/5000/5001/5002 550g

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Contact Person: Marina Wang

Skype: sgtoners

Whatsapp: 0086 1333 7810 595


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