Inkjet And Laser Printer Market In China

Inkjet And Laser Printer Market In China

Insight into the China Ink Jet Printer

The market for inkjet printer and consumables are maturing in North America and Europe , so the famous printer manufacturer are looking for the new market opportunities, As the biggest developing country, china is their new target. According to our data, HP is still the leader in the inkjet printer market in china, with 42 percent market share and strong offerings in all segments.
HP is the first printer manufacturer to enter into Chinese market. So we have to say HP management is really very smart. Of course, this is also because HP take the biggest market share leadership in the world. So this means HP has the biggest worldwide reputation.
The next one are Epson and Canon. Epson and Canon take very big market too in china. The bad news is Lenovo and Lexmark have decreased by 7 percent these years.Dell and Brother have smaller market in china, this is mainly because they did not come into Chinese market earlier. So they lose the best chance.
But Brother works very hard to increase their market share. The good news is they are successful now, people are using a lot of brother inkjet and toner cartridges now.
Insight into the China Laser Printer
As we know, china is the biggest developed country in the world. China has 1.3 billion people, So you can imagine how many people are using the printers. However, Chinese laser toner printer market is totally different from other countries, this is because there are a lot of compatible printer cartridges remanufacture. Zhuhai is known as the capital of printer consumable in the world. They produce large quantity of printer cartridges.
Just like inkjet printer, HP is still the leader in laser printer market, it is 45% market share. Samsung is the next one. The market share is 20% . Brother, Canon, Epson, Fuji Xerox and Konica Minolta comprise a second tier of vendors, each with unit shares of 2 to 5 percent of the market
Above all of this numbers, we can see that HP is the biggest winner in china. I am sure nobody can replace HP in the next few years.

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