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Inkjet And Laser Printer Market In China

Insight into the China Ink Jet Printer   The market for inkjet printer and consumables are maturing in North America and Europe , so the famous printer manufacturer are looking for the new market opportunities, As the biggest developing country, china is their new target. According to our data, HP is still the leader in the inkjet printer market in china, with 42 percent market share and strong offerings in all segments. HP is the first printer manufacturer to enter into Chinese [...]

Latin America-a potential market for printer consumables

Latin America-a potential market for printer consumables Global Printer Consumable Industry United Conference is held in Zhuhai. The theme is “Change, Focus on 2016”. Ivan Rosales, the Chairman of Latin America recycled printer consumable industry, launched a speech regarding Latin America Market. According to Ivan Rosales, HP, Xerox, Samsung, Epson and Kyocera are the most popular brand in Latin America market. The following are three main reasons that Latin America Market is not explored well. First, Fake original consumables take some [...]

Will Print Service Continue To Grow?

1: How to choose reliable printer consumable suppliers in china ? As a overseas buyers, some people are really puzzled. Some of my clients asked me to recommend them some good factories for some other products Then I sent them alibaba website, they still feel helpless, because they told me there are so many manufacturers on the website, they do not know which to choose. This is really a problem. we are studying on this problems now,we will post a new [...]

Guide To Toner Cartridge For Your Printer

Printer supplies are highly in demand in the market because they serve a lot of functional purposes, especially in the workplace setting. As the competition intensifies in the market, it is a positive thing for consumers because they can now get toner spare parts, such as cartridges, inks, and toner powder for a reasonable price. But in order for you to make the most value out of your purchase, it is important that you learn about printer cartridges in [...]